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Monday, June 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I'm Loving ...

1. 4th of July weekend! I love fireworks and who doesn't enjoy being off work for a day? I even got my nails done in OPI's Cha Ching Cherry red for the occassion.

2. Friday I am going to see Bad Teacher finally! I have been wanting to see this movie all week.

3. It's offically watermelon season! I have some for breakfast this week and it was delicious. There is just something about watermelon that makes summer feel right.

4. This song is my favorite right now!

What are you loving today?

The Name Game

It's time to play the name game!

My work bestie, Candice, found out about a week ago that she is having a sweet little boy. Maybe it's because I have a nephew on the way so I'm a little bias but I don't think there is anything better than a little boy to love on!

However, in the past week since she found out the news we are no closer to coming up with a name. Candice already has a sweet little lady named Presley so she likes names that are not very common. Below are some options that she is contemplating.


What name do you like best? Do you have any name suggestions?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Today I am loving:

1. We are having a book shower for Sissy and sweet little Benjamin in a few weeks and I have gotten some really good gifts! I can’t share what I got since Sissy sometimes likes to catch up on my blog. But they are all books that were special to me.

2. I just got back from Destin FL, which was very restful and much needed! I came back with a pretty good tan, there is some slight peeling going on right now. To keep it looking good I thought about getting the St. Tropez self tanner. I have heard some really good things about it. Does anyone use it? If so, what do you use the lotion or spray?

3. I tried the Shellac nail polish before I went to the beach and it was great. Usually my nails begin to chip once I get in the ocean or pool. This polish is still on my nails and tomorrow will be three weeks since I got them done! Only problem is that they don’t have as many colors as OPI has in their gel polish. Has anyone tried the gel?

4. While on vacation I stayed up to date with my homework for my online class and actually got a little ahead. So I am offically half way through my first summer class!
5. Sweet Sarah has been working in Dallas for the past 5 months and I miss her terribly! But in about 5 short weeks she will be coming home!!! Which is really good cause I need my partner in crime back!

6. Tomorrow night I will be trying my first spinning class. With all my running I really need to incorporate some other workouts to give my body a rest. I go to Pure Barre once a week for toning and as much as I would LOVE to just do that twice a week it’s a little pricey for me, University of Memphis decided to increase tutition in the fall (insert scarastic smile). So I thought I would give spinning a whirl (pun intended). Have ya’ll tried it? What are some pointers that might be helpful for me?

7. My sorority Alpha Gamma Delta at the University of Memphis had a great weekend! I blogged about it a little on Monday. Over the weekend one of my sisters was crowned Miss Tennessee and will be going on to compete in Miss America in January. Another sister competed in Miss USA as Miss Tennessee and was crowned first runner-up, she even gave a little shout out to our Memphis Tigers!! So proud of both of them; Miss Tennessee Erin Hatley and Miss USA runner up Ashley Durham!

Erin- Miss Tennessee

Ashley- Miss USA First Runner-Up

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sparkling Water & Sparkling Crowns

Its been a great week and weekend!

I spent the week down in Destin Fl and had some much needed relaxation. I managed to keep up and get a little ahead with my school work, as well as read three books. One of the books was Tim Tebow's and it was amazing! Everyone should go out and read it!!

After getting home Saturday afternoon everything got even better when I heard that night that my sorority sister Erin Hatley won Miss Tennessee!!

Even better news was last night when I watched the Miss USA Pageant and rooted for my other sorority sister Ashley Durham who was first runner up!! Not only are these beautiful, sweet and classy girls Alpha Gam's but they are from my chapter at the University of Memphis and I could not be more proud of them!!

Now it's time to catch up on work from being out the last week. That is always the worst part of vacation!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Destin Bound!!

That's right early tomorrow morning I will be in the car heading to the best place on Earth ... the beach!

I am much in need of a vacation. I have worked so hard this last year with grad school that I am ready to lay on the beach, read and do nothing but get a tan! I'm taking a summer class online right now so I will have to do some homework but at least I can do it from the beach. That makes it a little better!

So this will be my view for the next 7 days!

I will miss reading all your post but I catch up with them when I return to the working world again *sigh*

Sunday, June 5, 2011

All For Baby Benjamin!

Yesterday we had a little tea for my Sissy and sweet soon to be nephew, Benjamin!!

It was a double tea for her and a old elementary school friend of hers that is also pregnant with a little boy.

We used Mom's Lennox Butterfly Meadow china since it was all pastel we thought it looked baby like. We even attached butterflies to the chairs to tie in the theme.

The cake was from Muddy's Bake Shop here in Memphis and it was delicious. Since we were honoring two sweet little boy's we decided the phrase Boy oh Boy was pretty perfect!

Along with the cake we served pickles and ice cream, every pregnant girls favorite right?

For the favors everyone got three cookies in the shape of bottles, baby onesies and carriages!

Now I just can't wait for him to get here so I can love on him!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 5 Thursdays - Summer Traditions

Top 5 Summer Traditions I am looking forward to the most are:

1. Summer movie series at the Orpheum- The Orpheum is our theater here in Memphis that shows all the Broadway shows. During the summer they show old movies.

2. Kix on Beale- This is a free concert that our local country station puts on every year. A few singers that are coming are Thompson Square and Chuck Wicks.

3. Destin Vacation- Every year the family and I go to Destin. I love it there!! We spend the week just laying on the beach and doing nothing!

4. Lots of Reading- During the year I am so busy with work, school and the Junior League that I don't have time to read so I usually go through several books!

5. Lots of Pool Time- I am a water a sun girl! During the summer I am always by a pool, lake or ocean!!

What are your Summer Traditions? Play along at The Perfect Compilationtape!