. . . I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice Tiara, I could save the world!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Road Trip

Today I am leaving for Dallas!!

I am so stinking excited!!!I packed everything (hopefully) last night and I am all ready to go and see this beautiful lady!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Almost Complete!

I am almost ready for our New Years trip. If almost means that I have not packed the first thing and we leave tomorrow evening after work?!

But I do have everything for my New Years Eve outfit!

Yesterday I took a half day so that I could go to the Liberty Bowl Breakfast here in Memphis. I know I have mentioned before that I work a lot with the local FCA chapter and inner city high schools so I am invited to the breakfast every year. I love going and I was not going to miss it! After breakfast I realized that I was not going to have time to get my nails done before we leave for Texas so I ran to the nail salon. Everyone on here voted that with the black dress I should do red nails so I picked this OPI color, Big Apple Red.

Then I went to find some cute accessories. As I mentioned before my dress is black with a leather back and lace up ties all the way down it. So I needed some "rocker chic" accessories but I didn't want to spend too much on something that I probably won't wear too much again.

As I was walking in the mall trying to figure out where to go look I walked past The Icing. I have not been in there in so long!! It was fun because not much has changed since I last shopped there in middle school! ha! I found some super cute earrings and bracelets and a little Happy New Years hat that is super small and clips in your hair like a barrette. Not sure if I will wear it all night or just pull it out at some point but it is too cute!!

I can't wait to be in Dallas!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Here But ...

I'm not really here. This is the motto around the office this week.

We are all here physically but mentally we have checked out until after New Years. This is the worst week for your job to think that your are actually going to be productive! haha!

So I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too!

On Christmas Adam, the night before Christmas Eve is called Christmas Adam around here since Adam came before Eve, I had a much anticipated dinner with my three besties!!
We had a wonderful time at P.F. Changs and I was right there was way too much laughing. I am pretty sure that we disturbed the other patrons. But when Bunny pulled out this Christmas gift she received we couldn't help ourselves.
Yes they are Memphis Tigers spirit finger gloves! haha!

The next day we drove to Cookeville TN where my Sissy and Brother in law live. It was a perfect Christmas complete with a few inches of snow!

Sissy did an amazing job as hostess! Her house was so cutely decorated!!

I got lots of goodies from Santa. Tons of clothes, a double strand pearl necklace, some teaching books, and these cute boots!
I also got the mugs that go with my Christmas china. I was so not expecting them!!
Grenadiers Bernardaud Christmas China
But sadly today it is back to work. It is however only a four day work week! Then it is off to Dallas for New Years!! So to get me through work I have been making countdowns, it makes my time here go by a little faster if I have something to look forward to. It started with Thanksgiving then Christmas and now I have a countdown until classes start again! Everyone here at work is making fun of me but I'm a dork and I love school! Plus this means that I am officially half way to graduating with my Masters!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Together Again!!

I am so excited I think I am busting at the seams!! Tomorrow night Sarah will be in town so my three girls and I will be having dinner together!

We haven't all been together since Janet's wedding 8 weeks ago. Which is completely unacceptable but with Sarah currently living in TX is difficult to see each other much.

I was lucky enough to have talked to all three of my girls this week and it struck me how much our current state with the boys in our lives plays a huge role in our attitude towards everything else in our life! haha!

We have Janet who is in the throws of happily ever after. Everything in her life is perfect since this will be her first Christmas as a Mrs. Right now Cody could sneeze and Janet would think that rainbows were coming out of his nose. If we weren't so stinking happy for her and love her and Cody so much we would hate her!! haha!!

Then there is Bunny. She is in love! Her new beau has been around for about 2 months but its serious and they are crazy about each other. It the fun stage of excitement and newness and that possibility of a future together (which is more than likely a definite than a possibility)! Things that seemed not so great before she now sees at not such a big deal.

And Sarah and I are in that wonderful stage of navigating the dating world and all its confusion. Haha! We talked the longest on the phone this week. Switching stories of boys who we like but don't call/text enough for us to know if they are interested. Then talking about the ones that we would really like to stop calling! haha! And of course what we girls do best obsess over everything that they said and did to find the "secret meaning". And when your love life is a roller coaster so is life.

I can't wait to have all my girls around one table just talking and loving each other. I am sure there will be tons of questions, advice, "what do you thinks", and of course way to much laughter.

Tomorrow night will just not get here fast enough!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Week Challenge!

School is officially over!! I now have 5 weeks of freedom!

Most of you know that I love reading and with school I haven't had time. The poor stack of books by my bed has been neglected. So I plan on reading five books in my five week break.

Here are the books that I will be reading. If you have an suggestions I'd love to hear them!

I always read his books as soon as they come out but with a September release date I had to put this in the stack.

Everyone loves this one so I had to pick it up.

Emilie Lorring is one of my favorite authors. She wrote back in the 20s-40s. They are mystery love stories!

She is too funny so I can't wait to read her book.

Everyone says this book will change your life ....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Too Helpful

This week is slowly creeping by. I think it is because there are only 10 days til Christmas and I am so ready for it!! I feel like a little kid in school where I can't focus on anything because I kept day dreaming about being home in my jammies and opening presents!

To entertain me my co-worker Ashley sent me this link, Auto Correct. It is too funny. People can submit funny text messages that they have received that has been Auto Corrected. Has anyone else ever seen this before?

Hope this helps you with your mid-week blues!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Everyone But Us!

Well this weekend the entire state of Tennessee got about a foot of snow except for Memphis! So I am at work knowing that everyone else is off playing or still sleeping in their jammies.

On a happy note this weekend was fantastic!

On Friday afternoon we finally finished decorating our Christmas tree at work. Since its mostly girls in my office we decorated in pink, blue, lime green, and some purple.

Of course we had to add some Memphis Tigers for the boys.

I blogged Friday about the Girls Inc retreat that night. It was wonderful!! The girls had a really fun time and learned that being a Teen Mom is not fun!! The other girls from the Junior League and I got a long great and it was so nice to get to know them better. I think I talked one of them into joining our little blog world?!

Saturday and Sunday I sent the the evenings at Church for our Christmas program. It went really well but we have an amazing Music Minister so its no surprise.
I also did a little shopping with Mom on Sunday. I found the most perfect shoes to go with my New Year's Eve dress. I know I asked for some help and most of you voted on color shoes and I agreed but when I stumbled upon these they were too perfect for words.

Since the dress laces up the back I thought the shoes were perfect since they lace up the front. I am planning on doing my nails a bright color and then adding a bright colored clutch to match.

I also saw these shoes and just heard them calling to me. I have no idea what I will wear them to but I am sure I can come up with something!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Think It Over

I will be spending the night tonight at the Girls INC "Baby Think it Over" program. This is my placement for Junior League this year. We will be giving the girls babies that they will have to take care of for the night.

They had some issues with the community center that they used last month and the heat not working so this weekend we will be staying in a hotel which is very exciting for the girls. Most have never stayed in a hotel before. I am just excited because that means that I will be able to get away from the crying babies for about 5 hours.

The girls are given a baby and a job. They will get a paycheck and then they have to pay for baby supplies as well as their meals. There is also the option of them going to a club, movies or a restaurant that night that we have set up in different meeting rooms in the hotel. However, they have to pay for daycare and pay for their entertainment.

The program is meant to teach them how hard it is to care for a baby and how much it costs. Several of the girls are given babies with special needs since many teenage pregnancys in their area are special needs. Some girls are not given a job they are homeless. This is where they have to get creative in how they are going to care for thier baby.

Our committee had a meeting last night and they all said how wonderfully the first retreat went! I am so excited about tonight and helping these girls!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm Ready . . . I Think?

So I think I found my New Year's dress! I know its not even Christmas yet but there is only one week from Christmas to New Year's.

One fourth of our foursome is living in Dallas Texas right now. She is a traveling PTA so she yo-yo's back and forth between somewhere close to home to far away. Since she will not be near us for New Year's we have planned a little road trip to Dallas to celebrate with her! I am so excited to see this girl's beautiful face!!
Now for the dress . . . it's a Jessica Simpson dress, say what you want about her but the girl can make some cute dresses, shoes, and bags! It is very plain on the front but has a little leather trim on the collar, the back is leather with lace ties up it.
I am looking for some super cute shoes to go with it. I think I need some strappy up the ankle shoes. What do you think? And should I go with black or a color? If so what color? Help please!!

Last night I watched the Kansas/Tigers game! It was really close for most of the game. I am super proud of my Tigers!! We are a very young team, ranked #14, and to play within 13 pts or less to a mature #4 ranked team was amazing!! Plus it doesn't hurt that we have this cutie pootie coach! Isn't he a doll?!

Happy half way through the week!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Running in Style

I love getting a good deal!

It is no big secret that I love shopping and one of my favorite things to buy is shoes!! After the first of the year I will be getting some new shoes but they will not be my typical 4 inch heels that I love, instead it will be some new running shoes. After the half this weekend I have put about 300 miles on my current shoes, which means it is time to get some new ones.

Sunday night my coworker Ashley had a friends and family coupon for Dick's Sporting. I didn't really need anything but with a discount I figured I could go ahead a stock up on a few things.

I picked up:

two pairs of nike running shorts (regularly $28 each)

a pair of running capris (regularly $50)

two under amour shirts (regularly $30 each)

two nike running tank tops (regularly $45 each)

My total was $107!!

I got the employee discount plus an additional 10% off the already sales prices!!

I am now ready to start training for the next half marathon in April!!