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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Top 5 Thursdays - Summer Traditions

Top 5 Summer Traditions I am looking forward to the most are:

1. Summer movie series at the Orpheum- The Orpheum is our theater here in Memphis that shows all the Broadway shows. During the summer they show old movies.

2. Kix on Beale- This is a free concert that our local country station puts on every year. A few singers that are coming are Thompson Square and Chuck Wicks.

3. Destin Vacation- Every year the family and I go to Destin. I love it there!! We spend the week just laying on the beach and doing nothing!

4. Lots of Reading- During the year I am so busy with work, school and the Junior League that I don't have time to read so I usually go through several books!

5. Lots of Pool Time- I am a water a sun girl! During the summer I am always by a pool, lake or ocean!!

What are your Summer Traditions? Play along at The Perfect Compilationtape!


  1. for a few years my family went to Ocean City, MD for a week...then last year J and I got married so we couldn't afford it. My sis is getting married this year so we won't be going again =/ Other traditions are spending lots of time on the lake near the house with our friends =)

  2. Destin looks amazing! I also read a lot in the Summer!

  3. Old movies? That theater sounds amazing!

    Thanks for linking up!