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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sparkling Water & Sparkling Crowns

Its been a great week and weekend!

I spent the week down in Destin Fl and had some much needed relaxation. I managed to keep up and get a little ahead with my school work, as well as read three books. One of the books was Tim Tebow's and it was amazing! Everyone should go out and read it!!

After getting home Saturday afternoon everything got even better when I heard that night that my sorority sister Erin Hatley won Miss Tennessee!!

Even better news was last night when I watched the Miss USA Pageant and rooted for my other sorority sister Ashley Durham who was first runner up!! Not only are these beautiful, sweet and classy girls Alpha Gam's but they are from my chapter at the University of Memphis and I could not be more proud of them!!

Now it's time to catch up on work from being out the last week. That is always the worst part of vacation!


  1. 1. Cute swim suits!
    2. Glad Tim Tebow's book was good. I'm about to start reading it.
    3. Congrats to Erin and Ashley! Crazy they both did so well and are from the same chapter.

  2. Cute swim suits. I'm jealous of your vacay!!!

  3. you look so cute -- I love your swimsuits!