. . . I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice Tiara, I could save the world!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday . . . Cities

Top 2 Favorite US Cities

1. Destin FL

I adore the beach and Destin is much quieter and has a slower pace then somewhere like Panama City. I have been to several international beaches on cruises but its nice to stay stateside since it is so close. I could probably live all summer in Destin if money and time allowed!

2. New York City

I am sure this is probably number one on every ones list but I had to put it on mine too. I have never been but I am dying to go. I would love to shop and see some real Broadway shows. Maybe one day I will actually make it up there and I can find out for sure that it's one of my top cities. But who am I kidding, it's New York of course its going to be!

What are your favorite cities? If you want to play along on Top 2 Tuesday hop over to Taylor's Blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Can Make It . . .

through this week!!

I am going to be positive this week. It seems like everything is starting back up at the same time. I have my first Junior League meeting of the year tonight. And I start my fall classes tomorrow. So the mentality for this week is "make it through and then have a three day weekend"!! There are no exciting plans for labor day weekend but I think that is what I am excited about the most.

Here is a little funny to start off your week. I saw this commercial while watching football last night and LOVED it! And while we are talking about last nights football how amazing was Mr. Tebow!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Money Going In & Money Going Out

Well today was the deadline to pay for fall tuition. It's amazing how much it costs now compared to when I graduate only a few short years ago!!

Since I managed to pay off my school loans already I really did not want to take out loans again for school. So this means I am trying to do the responsible grown up thing of saving up money to during one semester to pay for the next. Oh and by the way it's hard!!

So this morning I dropped a couple thousand dollars off at the University of Memphis. But I guess I can't complain too much because I made some money at dinner last night. Yep Bunny, Chris Tonn, Brandon, and myself went out to dinner at Chili's and got $20.

We had just finished our dinner and were waiting for the check when this man comes over and starts talking to Tonn and Brandon. He mentions that it is his son-in-law's birthday and he would like to have two pretty ladies come over and help him sing Happy Birthday. Bunny and I agree, I mean why not, and he gives Tonn $20 as we walk off.

Before we get to the table the man tells us the birthday boy's name is Austin and then runs through the Happy Birthday song (cause we have rarely sang it before right?! haha). So we sing while Austin's wife is looking at us in a not so happy way! But hey we made $20. So I would like to thank that man for his contribution to my higher education this morning! haha!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now . . .

The rain is gone! Well at least it's not as awful!!

Lately at work we have been making changes and more changes, oh yea and more changes. It has made work difficult and pretty much sucked the fun out of it. With everything going on I just have not had any real clarity of what my job is and what that entails. But on Tuesday I got some direction and started making some calls booked presentation for Wednesday and it was a total success. It went very well and has opened up some doors for to advance our program into more areas!! YAY!!I still am not rock solid on everything going on at work but yesterday was probably the most fun I have had at work since probably six months ago.

More happy news is that I get to have dinner tonight with this handsome man!

This is from Halloween at work. I was tickled pink and Tonn was a Dr.

Chris Tonn use to work with me but left back in January to work down in Florida. I don't get to see him very often. But since he is in town right now so we are going to have a little date night!

Best news of all . . . it's almost Friday!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday . . . Indulgences

Top 2 Biggest Indulgences!

1. Dooney and Bourke Handbags

I love these bags!! To me everyone has Coach so I like having something different.

2. Cruises

Oh I have to go on a cruise every year!! I have been on four so far. Once Christmas has happened I am already looking up sunny beachy escapes to book!!

What are your indulgences? To play a long on Top 2 Tuesday hop over to Taylor's blog.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Weekend Well Spent!!

Happy Monday!! I know it is the least favorite day so lets all just hope that it goes by quickly!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday being board so I ran my required 2 miles for my training schedule and then was still board so I decided to try out my new video for one of my cross training days. The video is called the Bar Method. It is exercises using a ballet bar. Kelly Ripa is a huge fan of it. I wasn't sure how hard it would be but OH MY GOODNESS I am so sore, and it's Monday! However, I did have motivation for the workout. I watch Michael Phelps swim and he is definitely some motivation!

Sunday I skipped church, which is a huge deal for me. But it was for a good cause. This lady right here.

It was my Sissy's birthday!! We drove to Nashville to eat lunch with them a the Loveless Cafe. If you have not been there you need to go. It is delicious and its on of the 1000 places to go before you die. We had a wonderful time and Sissy enjoyed all her gifts!

Now it's time for the week to start. I will be spending this week and weekend getting everything ready before I start my classes next Tuesday!! WOW!! I can't believe its time already. Let's just hope that I remember how to study.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy Friday!!

I am safely back from the library event that I had today! So thank you all for your prayers! haha!

Shelby, a co-worker, and I had such a good time educating people of the benefits they can get from their government assistance. We also talked a lot and just enjoyed spending some time out of the office. It added some much needed fun into my work week.

After we were done at the library we had lunch at this delicious restaurant. I am from the south so I love my sweet ice tea and they have they best!!!

Then we went next door to a place called Shoe Nami. If you are in the Memphis area then you need to stop by! They always have such great deal on really cute shoes!

We also made a pit stop at Target so Shelby could get an outfit for a party she is going to next weekend. The theme is Jersey Shore so she got some really short shorts and a long tank top with a ton of accessories! She is going to look amazing once she finished the outfit off with her make-up.

This was such a relaxing Friday and I am so looking forward to this weekend!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Shoppe Around the Corner

I was in Barnes and Nobel yesterday to order one of my Sissy's Birthday gifts. While I was standing in line I got the over whelming need to watch "You've Got Mail". I like this movie a lot but it's not one that I would just go to. However, every time I am in a bookstore I want to go home a watch that movie. Or When I am watching that movie I want to go browse around in a bookstore. Is this just me?

So I did go home a watch "You've Got Mail" and even thought its no "Sleepless in Seattle" it is very cute. I have mentioned that I love back to school shopping and the way that new school supplies smell. As I was watching the movie Tom Hanks says how he would send Meg Ryan a bouquet of freshly sharpen pencils because he loves fall! How great would it be to get a bouquet of sharpen pencils!!

I am starting back to grad school this semester and I am both extremely excited and nervous to see how well I can handle work and school?! But I do love school. If it paid me instead of me having to pay for it I would probably be a professional student! haha!

On a side note yesterday I got called out on facebook about not blogging about certain people. So here is my shout out to them.

Mark Griffin is the gentleman in the mustard yellow jacket. I am sure this picture has an explanation! haha! But this seems right.

Bobby is the one on the left. Again this picture seems to capture the essence of Bobby. Haha!

They are both pretty awesome guys!

It's almost Friday everyone! And I am so excited because I will have a day out of the office to work and event at the Memphis Library! However, the event is one for ex-cons that want a second chances so if anyone would like to say a prayer for my safety tomorrow that would be much appreciated! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday . . . Characters

Top 2 Characters You Would Want To Play on a TV Show or Movie

1. Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill

She quickly became my favorite character. She started out as a slutty snobby cheerleader but you grew to love her because she was not that at all. I love how Brooke is very independent and she is such a strong character. Plus she has amazing style!

And it doesn't hurt that she gets to kiss this cutie!

2. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
Oh she will make you laugh. She has such a positive outlook on life and she is hilarious. And she is someone that you just should never under estimate because she is determined to succeed and prove you wrong!

If you want to play along hop over to Taylor's blog at The Undomestic Momma.

I Could Be Happy In Denver

This weekend was very relaxed and I soaked in every minute of it!

Friday night Bunny and I went running since we are in full training mode for the Half in December. As we were walking into the gym, it was just to hot to run outside, we notice that the parking lot was pretty empty. Then we realized duh because everyone else has a social life and is not at the gym on a Friday night. We began to fell like losers but Bunny said that we were just dedicated runners in training. I think she can get away with this because she had a date the night before; however, I don't have an excuse.

That's right Bunny had a date Thursday night. I am pretty sure her and this new someone are a little smitten with each other and I am so excited for her!!

Saturday I got to see Savannah and have breakfast with her while she was in town. I always love it when I get to see her!! She cracks me up the whole time. Later that afternoon I had a wedding to attend which was very sweet! The best part was the singer that they had at the reception, he was incredible!

Sunday was Church and then more running but I made sure that I was done in time to watch my sexy Timmy play in his first preseason game! I had to wait all the way until the fourth quarter for them to put him in! No offense to Brady Quinn but he was not playing well and they should have put Tim in long before!! But I did finally get to see him and watch him make his first NFL touchdown, which he ran in himself!! And thank goodness he had his hair fixed in time for the game!
Oh I would move to Denver for this boy, I could be happy in Denver! haha!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When You Wish Upon A Star!

This morning we were having our daily huddle meeting time (not work related just catching up with the amazing girls I work with). We began talking about upcoming vacations and places that we are going, what to go and have been before.

My dream come true would be to spend the night in Cinderella's Castle!! To say that I love Cinderella would probably be an understatement. She has always been my choice of the Disney princesses.

And look how incredible this place is . . .

The only problem is you have to win a night in the castle. The computer will select a random time and location to select the winner. For example, the 7th person to go through the turnstile at 2:03 pm at Space Mountain. So this makes it a little difficult to attain the goal!!

But if I ever did win . . . HOLY COW I WOULD FREAK OUT!! Maybe it could happen if I wish upon a star?!