. . . I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice Tiara, I could save the world!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Lover!

The day has finally arrived! Tonight is Sex and the City 2 night! Yep me and my favorite girls will be going to see these girls tonight!

We are starting with dinner downtown at Spidini's. We have never been so we are looking forward to it. Then to the movie! But I think I am most excited to be seeing this man tonight! I am such an Aidan fan!

Of course you have to wear some amazing shoes to this movie. I blogged about which ones I had picked out a while ago. Click here to see them!

I even went last night and got my nails done and picked up this little pretty for myself. I love the watch Sandra Bullock wore in the blindside but everyone I know has the white one so I thought this color was different and I could wear it more. I just know my self and I would not wear the white one after Labor Day.

An extra bonus for today is that I FINALLY get an upgrade on my phone!! So I will be picking me out a new phone tonight before girls night!
Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Momma is on Blogger!!

That's right Candy Sue is on blogger!

This is perfect for her. She loves to tell what she thinks about anything! If you are her friend on Facebook you know that her status updates are usually pretty long so she was in desperate need of more room to write and I got her excited about blogging!

So everyone please jump over to Mom's blog and give her some love!

Big Birthday!

My birthday is still aways off, it's September 3rd. I am lucky enough to almost share my birthday with my BFF! Bunny's birthday is September 1st.

This year I want to do something big, after all I will be turning 25 and that makes me a quarter of a century! I think that is worth something big!

Since we had such a rough time coming home from the cruise we are getting some money back that we can use against another trip! The 1st falls on a Wednesday and the 3rd is a Friday with Labor Day that following Monday. Since we will already have Monday off I think we should take off Friday and go somewhere with our airline money!

Where do I think we should go . . . New York City! Maybe with Sex and the City 2 coming out and the fact that I watch Whitney Port's show The City I am being persuaded? But Candice loves New York and after hearing all her stories about it I want to go. Neither of us have ever been and we travel so well together I think it would be a blast! We both love Broadway shows so to see an actual show on Broadway would be amazing!

The only problem is that Bunny wants to go somewhere beachy. But we always do a cruise trip every year?! I am slowly working on her!!

I mean how do you not want to go and see this?!?!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Change

Oh how I have missed you friends! I have been sick for the past 3 days and pretty much stayed in a horizontal position the whole time!

I have made a little change to my blog! It is now summer time and I just figured I needed a new fresh summertime looking background. Also, I just needed a change! Let me know what you think.

I was really looking forward to feeling well enough to participate in Wishful Wednesday today but sadly Kelsey has taken this week off since she is under the weather also. Must be something going around!

Hope you have all had a wonderful week so far! I have slept plenty and watched way too much day time tv. haha! With Sex and the City 2 coming out this week I did pop in a season and watched that yesterday! Just to get me extra pumped for the movie on Friday!

I have 192 emails in my inbox from the past two days so I better get to working on those!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Friday: One Week

One week until I will be seeing these lovely ladies!

Since it is so soon I thought for this Fashion Friday we would look at some of the best from the girls!





And of course the shoes:

Oh I can't wait! Me and my girls are making a plan for next Friday with dinner and the movie!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have never really played along on Thankful Thursday but today I just felt an overwhelming need to share how thankful I am!

I have really needed some peace lately and last night at choir practice we sang this song. I could no longer control myself and the tears just rolled. I am so Thankful that no matter what I know the Peace Speaker and because of that everything will work out for His glory!

It was such a lovely day
The sun was shining bright
The gentle wind was blowin' my way
Not a storm cloud was in sight
Then, suddenly without warning,
A storm surrounded my life.
But even in the storm I could feel the calm,
And here's the reason why.

I know the Peace Speaker, I know
Him by Name
I know the Peace Speaker, He controls the wind
And the waves.
When He says, "Peace, be still,"
They have to obey.
I know the Peace Speaker, Yes, I
Know Him by Name.

There's never been another man
With the power of this friend,
By simply saying, "Peace be still"
He can calm the strongest wind.
And that's why I never worry
When the storm clouds come my way,
I know that He is near to drive
Away my fears
And I can smile and say:
I know the Peace Speaker, I know
Him by Name
I know the Peace Speaker, He controls the wind
And the waves.
When He says, "Peace, be still,"
They have to obey.
I know the Peace Speaker, Yes, I
Know Him by Name.

Peace, peace, wonderful peace
Coming down from the Father
When He says, " Peace be Still, "
They have to obey.
I'm glad I know the Peace Speaker,
Yes I know Him by Name.
I know Him by Name.
I know the Peace Speaker, Yes I
Know Him by Name.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Bedroom

'I wish' .... I could come home to THIS bedroom each and every night!!

I would love to have a very peaceful bedroom. Everyone says that this Sage Green is the best color for relaxation.

I also think every girl should have a chandelier in her bedroom. I love the idea of having a little glitz.

In the winter time I always freeze so a fireplace would be amazing.

And I would have to have big fluffy pillows and comforter. I get cold easily so I love a lot of big blankets that I can snuggle into!

I know it wasn't just one bedroom but I love little things from all of these.

What would your perfect bedroom look like? Hop over to Kelsey's blog and play along on Wishful Wednesdays!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Two Tuesday . . . Bucket List

Top 2 Things To Do Before You Die!

I know I have already blogged today but I loved this topic and had to play!!

My dream has always been to swim with the dolphins! But I have now been able to do that twice! And this last trip to the Bahamas I got to swim with the sea lions!

So now my two things would be . . .

1. To take a hot air balloon ride! Someone has promised me that we will do this so I am going to hold him to it!!! (clearing throat!)

2. I want to go on the Amazing Race. I don't watch it all the time but I have some and Bunny and I decided that we could totally do it! We have run a half marathon now so we should be able to do the Amazing Race right?

What would your picks be?

Hop over to Taylor's blog and play along!

Party Time

My adorable little Katey, Bobby's youngest sister, is having some much needed surgery tomorrow. She has some back issues so they are going to due a little cosmetic surgery to help her.
Since she will have nothing that will fit her anymore we decided to throw her a shirt party after work yesterday.

This cake is beautiful right? However, it was a pain to get. I have had issues with this bakery before. When I ordered Bobby's going away cake it was 4 hours later that I requested it! But it looked so good and tasted so good that I wanted to give them a shot again.
WRONG!! This time when I went to pick up the cake at 1 they told me that were out of mix, hello you are a bakery! Then when I called about it the second time they told me they were out of powder sugar?! I finally got the cake at 3:45. That is ridiculous! I will never again use them!!

The bakery is called the Busy Bakery it is located in Bartlett TN. If you need a bakery do NOT use this one!

Even though there was cake drama all in all the party was a hit!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Back

There are only 41 days until this wonderful movie comes out!

My Twilight friend Candice began a tradition before New Moon came out. She called it the Daily Pattinson. It is just a little picture of either Mr. Edward Cullen or of him and Bella. I requested Friday that we should start it up again! And everyone agreed! So this morning I open up my email to find the first installment of the Daily Pattinson edition: Eclipse!

Here are some of my favorites from the New Moon edition! Hope this gets you all in the mood for Eclipse!

Friday, May 14, 2010

BBQ Fest

It's that time again! Bobby calls this "The best time of the year!". Last year was my very first BBQ Fest.

Last year no one would tell me what BBQ Fest was like. Here is a hint for those of you who have never been . . . it's tailgating. haha! There are tents everywhere and you just roam around sample all the delicious food and see tons of people you haven't seen in years! I had some amazing ribs last night! YUM!

There is one more night of BBQ Fest tonight and then we must wait a full year again. :(

Here is my first BBQ Fest pics.

Hope you have a great weekend!