. . . I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice Tiara, I could save the world!

Friday, January 29, 2010

ICE Day!!

Yay!! I have the day off from work! This NEVER happens!! Thank you Mr. ICE!!! Here in Memphis we do not really get snow we get ice. The weather station is calling for ice all morning with the chance of 3-6 inches of snow on top! WOW!! So I will be working from home today. I know it would be great to not work but it is better when you can work in your jammies and watch the "wonderful" daytime tv that you never get to see (oh Days of Our Lives, how I have missed you! ) haha!

Well it is Friday and that means time for my weekly Project Runway picks!!
Its not the best but I like the jacket! It is cute and casual!
The one arm look is coming back and I am so glad! It is sexy without being revealing!
I think this is precious! I love it! It is not as high fashion as the next two but it is sweet and you can wear it anywhere!

This dress would be a beautiful awards gown!

This look is beautiful!! I love the high collar! Looks like it belongs on the runway!!

I hope everyone is staying warm!! Go make a fire and have some hot chocolate!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taylor, You Rock!!!

After reading other peoples Wishful Wednesday I would love to be Taylor Swift's friend! I have always thought she was stinking adorable and a great singer! When I listen to her songs I feel like I am in high school again, it is so much fun! So I have always been a fan but as tons of people wrote how they would like to spend 3 minutes in her shoes I got to thinking . . . how cool would it be to be her friend!

She seems like so much fun! Taylor has made youtubes with her friends just goofing around and she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously! I think she is someone that you could hang out with an laugh the whole time! I love how she calls guys out in her songs! So you would know that she always had your back when it came to break ups, Joe Jonas?! And her Saturday Night Live Monologue was the best they ever had! If I could make anyone my friend it would so be Taylor!

And maybe she could help me with my hair, it is straight as a board! Look at her just own her curls!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Three Minutes

I wish I could spend three minutes in Tim Tebow's Girlfriends shoes!!!

Now it is rumored that there is a girlfriend but it is not confirmed! I would love to spend a lifetime as his significant other but if three minutes is all I get then I would take it in a heartbeat!! Oh what could we do for those three minutes . . . **sigh** . . . lots of making out!! I mean who would not want to be in those arms for any amount of time?

Anyway enough day dreaming back to ya'll and the blog! That is my superficial wish!
But I also think it would be cool to be in Beth Moore's shoes! She is amazing!! She has such a passion for the Lord and for helping women! Beth has such a sweet heart and is just the mose adorable thing ever!

I look forward to Wishful Wednesday every week! If you want to play along then head over to Kelsey's blog!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cause You Should Dress From Head to Toe!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am insanely in LOVE with shoes! Especially high heels! I feel all wrong with out them! I even have a whole closet that is for just my shoes (I told you unhealthy obsession)!

Lately my Bestest Friend, Bunny, has gotten into hats. We have begun to have hat day once a week and it got me wondering where did hats go? I mean in the good old days everyone wore hats!

I think they are adorable! Look at all the cute options!

I think that we should rally and bring hats back! Besides being cute you could save time on doing your hair! haha!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Weekend!!

My friend Lauren got engaged this weekend!!! So congratulations to her!! They will be getting married on June 19th! They had a surprise Engagement Party but I was unable to make it since I was in Melbourne FL! I was really upset that I could not be there for her, but we have tons of other things in the upcoming months!!

As I said I was in Melbourne FL this weekend. This was the first weekend that Bobby officially moved! He showed me his office building and his new office, we looked at his new condo and walked on the beach! We also went to the Kennedy Space Center! That was ummmm . . . very educational. I don't think we will be visiting there again but we can say that we have been! But I think my favorite part of the weekend, aside from seeing my man, is that I got to drive his new car!! After I got over being scared of it I decided that I think I need one! haha!

Since Bobby is now a big boy with a big boy job he decided that he needed some new bedroom furniture so we shopped around for that. I think this is what we decided on! It will be in black.

And this is the dresser and nightstands!

If ya'll have any idea about bedding please share them. He of course wants something manly but there needs to be a theme or color scheme going through it since he is no longer a frat boy, you know how they just go for functional and they don't worry about how nothing matches or is falling apart. Any ideas would be great!

This weekend was wonderful! I got to celebrate with a friend and spend time with my Hunny! Now I just have to get through 3 weeks and then I get to see him again!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Are You Wearing To The Party . . .

A Potato Sack!!

Last night on Project Runway the challenge was to create a party dress using potato sacks! The designers did an incredible job!! I think I was more impressed this week than last week!!

Here are my favorites in order from least to most!

The lace on this was a wonderful idea! It gave the dress a really sexy look. By not dying the sack it was a nude color with the lace over! Very hot!

The hood is really cool! And I liked the way the skirt belled out! This dress has a lot of dimension!

Not my favorite but this was the only designer that chose to do pants. It was different, I liked it!

The dyed color of this dress is beautiful!! I like the wraping of the skirt!

The silhouette is very flattering! This is the designer that I liked the most last week and he is my second favorite this week! Hummm . . . watch out I might have found my designer?!

I love the way they made the sack look like feathers! I would so buy this and not be ashamed that it was a potato sack!!

On a side note: I finished reading Redeeming Love! It was an amazing book! I recommend it to everyone!! I will begin to read Dear John again before the movie comes out in two weeks, and I can not wait to start!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We need to be tolerant unless . . .

You are a Christian!

Tim Tebow is an amazing man! I adore him!! If you havent read my blog from about a week ago he is one of the things that makes me smile. And here is the reason why!!

Tim and his mother will be appearing on a commerical for Focus on the Family. Here is the article, from ncaafootball.fanhouse.com.
While the most popular point of debate regarding this year's NFL draft will be how Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow projects for pro football, come Sunday, Feb. 7, Tebow will already be on the Super Bowl telecast. That's because Tebow and a faith group, Focus on the Family, will be debuting a 30-second commercial that utilizes Tebow's own life story to make the case that abortion is wrong.
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past four college football seasons, you know that Tebow is an evangelical Christian who sees football as a platform that allows him to spread his Christianity. For most of his four years that message has resounded throughout the South, and I've argued Tebow's passionate Christianity is one reason that he became popular not just with Florida fans but with many other Southern football fans.
Now that he transitions to a larger stage outside the welcoming footprint of the most religious portion of the United States, the question has to be asked: How will Tebow's evangelism be received?
In many ways, Tebow's ascent in college football is unique. Thanks to his 48-7 career record, including three 13-1 seasons, two national titles, a Heisman Trophy, and consistent exposure on ESPN and CBS national telecasts, there are few, if any, college athletes in the country who have ever received more attention during their careers. The result is that before he even takes a single snap, Tebow is already more popular than at least half the starting quarterbacks in the NFL.
Tebow's on- and off-field popularity has been firmly focused on his own personal biography, his mission trips, his family's faith and even what is likely to be the focus of the television ad during the Super Bowl, the fact that Tebow's mother was told to have an abortion rather than carry her fifth child to term. Pam Tebow became sick during a mission trip and rejected doctor's advice that she have an abortion. Ultimately she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tebow.
Now the 30-second Super Bowl ad, which will cost around $2.5 million, is being paid for by Focus on the Family, a religious organization that opposes abortion. In a release the organization stated as follows:
"Tim and Pam share our respect for life and our passion for helping families thrive. Focus on the Family is about ... strengthening families by empowering them with the tools they need to live lives rooted in morals and values."
The Super Bowl ad will just be the latest surge of attention for the most famous college athlete ... ever. With that attention has come fawning cover profiles in Sports Illustrated, countless television stories, and the seduction of yours truly into the camp of devout Tebow fandom. As I stated in my Sugar Bowl column, I love Tebow. But little to none of that media attention has been critical. Indeed, in the annals of American sporting culture, it's hard to find a player who has received more positive publicity in comparison to negative publicity.
The old cliche is that all publicity is good publicity. But with Tebow all publicity truly is good publicity.
In fact, I dare you, find me an entire article about Tim Tebow that has been written by anyone, anywhere that has a negative tone.
Those stories don't exist.
Will that change now that Tebow is becoming a pro athlete?
I think so.
Because our society doesn't view religious pro athletes with the same level of deference. We view their sincerity in a more questionable light, raise issues with the proselytizing they do in post-game interviews. Whereas many Southerners, the largest audience for his college games, felt Tebow's religiosity was a welcome departure for a college athlete, many feel hearing a multi-millionaire pro athlete espouse his religious views to the entire nation crosses the line from welcoming to hectoring.
That's why few, if any, pro athletes have approached Tebow's level of influence. Not only is our society too cynical to accept the legitimacy of the pro athletes' beliefs, we expect that the athlete is living a double life, hypocritical to his core. The result is that most pro athletes have a negligible influence on cultural mores.
Don't believe me? Who is the pro athlete most famous for his religion in the present day?
Probably Kurt Warner.
Tim Tebow is already far more famous than Kurt Warner.
In fact, let's be clear, the moment he is drafted Tim Tebow will be the athlete most famous for his religion since Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali.
And suddenly multicultural America, with a variety of religious beliefs, will come face-to-face with a man whose strict adherence to a muscular form of Christianity, despite his personal charisma, isn't all warm and fuzzy. Especially when that statement of religious values comes not at the close of a game in a short on-field interview, but in a contest that the athlete is not even competing in. Focus on the Family, the right wing non-profit funding Tebow's ad, isn't a middle-of-the-road religious organization. Tebow's Super Bowl ad, for instance, will embrace a pro-life stance, which is the position of Focus on the Family, but something that half of America will disagree with.
Will that stance be controversial?
Certainly it will in many cities across the length and width of our country. And certainly it will be for many sports fans who sit down to watch the Super Bowl as an escape from the more serious issues facing our society. We come to watch football and funny ads, not be convinced that our view on abortion is wrong or right.
But opposing abortion isn't the most controversial of Focus on the Family's stances. The organization also opposes all forms of gambling, the theory of evolution -- preferring intelligent design -- premarital sex, and the so-called "homosexual agenda."
How many fans watching the Super Bowl will be able to raise their hand and assert that they've never gambled or had premarital sex or supported the theory of evolution? (Heck, some may do all three during the telecast.)
Not many.
All of these issues are incredibly controversial with well-meaning people embracing beliefs on both sides. By appearing in an ad on behalf of Focus on the Family, Tebow provides an endorsement for these other beliefs as well. So far Tim Tebow's own personal charisma has served to mask some of the intolerance associated with his own religious beliefs. By taking an avowed stand against abortion on the same day America celebrates the greatest sporting day on the calendar, Tim Tebow is taking a huge risk and stepping into a new arena.
He's no longer America's golden Christian amateur.
He's a paid professional.
And for many, that's going to make all the difference.
I am so proud of Tebow!! I agree this will be very controversial and there will be people who are not happy! But I support him one hundred percent. I don't understand why those who are against him saying what his beliefs are but are all for people who want to thank allah in acceptance speeches and encourage those who want to make a stand for gay marriage.
If you are going to be someone who wants to coexist and be tolerant of all lifestyles . . . well news flash that includes Christians!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishful Wednesday . . . Golden Globes Gown

I wish I could have worn the gown that Jennifer Aniston wore at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards!!

I love the open arm look! And if I had her legs I would wear a slit up to my hip too! Her hair is not my favorite but the dress is perfect!! I love her in black with her tan olive skin tone!

My two back up dresses would be Olivia Wilde and Kate Hudson!

I know Kate got a lot of bad feedback for her dress but since she is limited up top like me I love the extra ruffles and unique shape on the top of her dress to give her something extra there!!

And Olivia just sparkles! Again she is limited so I think the plunging neckline is perfect!!

Wishful Wednesday is my favorite blog day! If you want to play go over to Kelseys blog!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome Back Beautiful!!!

Project Runway is back and I could not be happier!!

I was slightly disappointed last night as I watched. The challenge was to create something that showed off the designers style and what they enjoy creating. As I watched all the beautiful outfits I did not find anything that jumped out and said "Wow! That is wonderful!!" The first episode of last season I immediately found my favorite designer when his dress hit the Runway! I thought it was pretty and edge and I would have bought it that second if I could have!!

This time around they had good designs and I thought some were pretty but nothing jaw dropping, so I am hoping that as the season goes on there will be more WOW.

Okay I know what you are thinking! It is not my taste either but it is amazing work. Look at all the detail. The designer created a head to toe look. It is punk but with a girly pop. I like the ruffles on the bottom. The back looks great too! I love the bold red zipper! and the webbing of the strapes! It is an amazing dress even though I could never wear it!

This dress has a lot of runway to it! The overdone shoulder gives it an AVANT-GARDE look. It is okay.

This dress has good fabrics and the silhouette is very flattering. The ruffles around the pocket are precious but not a fan of the one right on her stomach! That does not look good on anyone! This is just a sweet dress and I like the ruffles along the hips!

I loved the fabic on this dress. The bubble skirt is really cute! Im not so crazy about the top and how one side looks unfinished, like it is not really attached. I hate the back! The bubble around the butt is so unflattering! And if you have any little booty that is not going to look cute!

The judge did not like this folds on the side but I thought it gave it alot of depth. Would I wear this in real life. . .no but I like it on the runway.

This is my favorite!! I love the color, the weaving he had to do! I love the fact that it had movement! It has a really cute back too! I would buy this dress!

I can't wait to see what they create the rest of the season!! I love that it has returned!!