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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ben's Bookapalooza

I can hear the angles singing cause I have finally gotten my new laptop which means I can post some pictures now!
As I mentioned last week we had a Book Shower for my Sissy and soon to be nephew Benjamin last Friday ... and here are some pictures.
Table setting
Guest sign in sheet
At the sign in area we had a copy of the invitation, a picture of Ben's bedding and a picture of the bookcase Momma and Daddy bought for him.
More decorations
Gift table
Before we had lunch at the tea room we had granola and virgin mimosas for a little brunch snack
Bottle waters for anyone that did not want a virgin mimosa
After gifts we had cupcakes and pickles with ice cream (every pregnant lady's craving)
Dessert buffet table
Favor bags that had a tag with the name of each guest
In the bag each guest got a personalized bookmark and cookies shaped like books
All the ladies


  1. seriously cutest party ever =)

  2. Do share Miss Brown where you got those toile napkins and boxes!