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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Out of Hiding

No I haven't really been hiding from ya'll but it has been a while since I have had time to get on blogger.

This past few weeks I finished up my first summer class, which I got an A in so it was worth the hard work. I started my second class and its been hard :(

Over the Fourth of July weekend I got to see my sister, brother-in-law, and of course the baby bump that is my soon to be nephew! I was so excited because while they were here I got to feel Ben kick and roll around for the first time. The most amazing experience!!

I also had a few more exciting events happen. We finally got yard of the month! I know this might sound stupid to some of yall but I have been dying to have the yard of the month for few years now and decided that this summer was going to be it! We went and bought lots of flowers and have been keeping everything looking as best as possible. Saturday night it all paid off!

This weekend I also went bowling with some friends and ran into Wesley Witherspoon and Jeremy Hunt of the Memphis Tigers Basketball Team and played with them for a while! After Robert Dozier graduated from Memphis Witherspoon became one of my favorite players. So much fun!

We had a shower for Sissy and Ben this weekend. It was so much fun! I am without a laptop right now since work has taken mine back but as soon as my new one comes in I will upload some pictures and blog about the precious shower!!

Since I am so behind I promise I will be catching up with all of ya'll soon!!