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Monday, September 12, 2011

Be My Guest!

Candice decided last week that we were going to play a game. Everyone had to come up with a list of the top 10 unlimate dinner guest they would want to have over. So here is my list
1. Jesus- how could you not want to have dinner with your savior?
2 & 3 My grandparents because I miss the everyday and would love to spend one more dinner with them.
4. My Mom- I know that she would love to have dinner with her parents again.
5. Beth Moore- I just love her bible studies and she is so funny!
6. Tim Tebow- Since he is going to be my husband.
7. Nicholas Sparks- He is my favorite author and I would love for him to tell me about the other books he is working on.
8. Karen Kingsbury- Also another favorite authors of mine.
9. Mary Harriman Rumsey- The founder of the Junior League. I think it would be really great to talk with her about how she started the league and her thoughts on it now.
10. Vera Ellen- She is my all time favorite dancer in the classic movies. I would love for her to be both a dinner guest and maybe then she could dance a few dances for us!
Who would you inivite?

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