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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 A Year of Changes

Hello everyone who has probably forgotten me haha!
In case you don't remember I use to blog regularly and now I'm back!! The last blog was early October and from then until now things in my life became extremely busy!! I was finishing my last semester of coursework for my masters before student teaching, working full time, was an advisor for my sorority, had Junior League commitments, and the most exciting news was that my sister gave me the most precious little nephew!!!
I recently left my job so that I could student teach, starting Wednesday, and with that I'm hoping a little extra time will come my way and I can begin blogging again! It is so crazy how long its been and how much I have missed it. Not only will some free time hopefully enter my world but with the ringing in of the New Year I began to realize just how much is going to change for me and how I would love to make sure I was blogging about it. This year I will have a complete career change to teaching, hopefully be moving to a new city and starting a whole new life there!! Gosh even just typing it I am full of excitement and nervous energy!!
So what I have been doing since the last time I blogged ...
There was Halloween.
Thanksgiving with my sweet little nephew B.
B's baby dedication at church!
The St. Jude Marathon, for the 3rd time.
My last work Christmas party :(
Christmas in middle Tennessee with the Kimmers,
and of course ringing in the New Year with some of the sweetest friends!


  1. welcome back to the world of blogging :) Where are you doing your student teaching?

  2. It sounds like you've had a wonderful past few months! :) Best of luck with your student teaching! I remember it well!