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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Over a Million

I finally joined the rest of yall in this century and got an iPhone for Christmas! I am completely in love with it!

However, there are so many apps that I feel a little overwhelmed. So far I have downloaded the basics; Facebook, Shazam, Pinterest, the Bible, and First TN Bank. I have also looked for a workout app and a friend recommended Jefit. It's pretty good, it allows you to download routines and gives you different workouts depending on what body part you are working. I love to run but I am also starting to add in weights to my workout. Does anyone use a different workout app? Or have any suggestions for other apps that they just love?

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  1. Hey! Welcome to Iphone world! List of apps I can't live without: 1. Ebay 2. Twitter 3. Flixster 4. Pinterest 5. Words with Friends 6. Hanging with Friends 7. Nike GPS for my running 8. Lose it for keeping up with calories 9. Yelp to look up restaurants, etc. 10.Pandora 11. Hey Tell 12. My Fitness Pal is awesome, too! Hope this helps!