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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top Two Tuesday

Sirius radio was kind enough to give me a free subscription for 3 months. I am one of those people who just doesn't understand paying for radio. Why would I do that when I have a perfectly good free radio and an iPhone that plugs in to my car?
However, with that said I have very much enjoyed the "teaser"! Which brings me to the Top Two favorite radio stations ...
1. Elvis- I know I live in Memphis and it is a little cliche but I just love Elvis!
2. 80's on 8- Who doesn't love the big hair and side ponytails? This station always make me want to have a dance party!!
What are your favorite stations?


  1. I only get to listen to Sirius when I visit my parents (in New Jersey) but I always switch it over to the Elvis station. I love that it's actually broadcast from Graceland! Makes Memphis not feel so far away. Plus, who doesn't love Elvis?

  2. I'm pretty obsessed with 80's on 8 and 90's on 9! I also love Lithium, Alt Nation, POTUS, and the Coffee House!