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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1 Down

I officially finished by first week of student teaching! Only 15 more to go haha!! I loved everything about it. I begin actually teaching this week so everyone please say a prayer for me. I also have to assess them on a project, so if anyone has some suggestions on a geometry project for 6th graders I'd love to hear it.

This week I have also started training again. I am planning on running in the Nashville half, which I did last year. I am tickled pink that they now are supporting St. Jude! Makes running even better. Few of you have asked what training I do ... now that I can run long distances pretty easy I have backed off running so much and have begun to add in a lot of cross training and weight work. Below is a little break down

Mon: Boot Camp
Tue: Short run, about 3 or 4 miles, and weights
Wed: Rest
Thur: Spin Class
Fri: Boot Camp and weights
Sat: Long run
Sun: Sprints to increase speed and weights

Good luck for all of y'all that are working on your New Year's running resolutions!


  1. I'm running the half in Nashville too! SO excited and nervous. It's my first one! :)

  2. how exciting, student teaching was so fun for me :)

    cute blog!