. . . I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice Tiara, I could save the world!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my 25th birthday!!

How cute is this cake?

I am in full out birthday mode complete with a tiara!! Seriously I'm wearing a tiara today. I only wish I could get away with that more but until Prince Harry or Prince William wants to marry me I will just settle for my birthday.

Today's plans consist of working (a little) with a lunch break to Vinegar Jim's with all the lovely ladies at work. I know what you are thinking but we work in Arlington with a limited selection of restaurants so Vinegar Jim's it is! But I really do like the food there! Also my sweet work bestie made some delicious strawberry cupcakes for dessert!

Tonight is family time I think the parents are taking me to dinner then maybe a movie of my choosing and lots of presents! Wild night I know but with it being labor day weekend so many people are going out of town so I think the Bunny and I are having a joint party next weekend.

And of course we can't forget that this is a three day weekend!! I love how every year the government likes to give me a day off work or school to celebrate! haha! So I think on Monday I am going to have a pamper day with a massage maybe a mani/pedi and top it all off by laying by the pool! Ahhhh! I'm so relaxed just thinking about it!

Now for Funny Friday:
The girls at work were amazed that I had not seen this yet! It is an actual new interview from Alabama!

And of course it needs to be made into an auto tune!! haha!!

Happy Friday I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!!


  1. Happy happy birthday girlfriend! I'm pretty sure that's the cutest cake I have EVER seen...now I'm craving birthday cake. You rock that crown today...you deserve it! It's your special day :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's the best!!! And I love those videos! I am seriously cracking up!!! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.....

  3. and....hide yo husband because they rapin' 'eryone around 'hur!" hhahahahah! im glad you found those videos as funny as we did!

    happy birthday work bestie! i love you!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday, Laura! Hope it was a good one!! And yes, that video is HILARIOUS. My co-workers and I were watching that yesterday and laughing our heads off!

  5. Ahhhh, I just LOOOOVE those video parodies!! Toooo funny!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a fantastic day and wear out that tiara!! ;-)

    (Oh, and what a NICE birthday you have as well. So many special people born on this day!!)

  6. The cake is TOO cute!! And I saw that clip from the news... being from Alabama I just had to laugh. Crazy. Happy Bday! xo

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday, Laura!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!!