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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lime Sherbert With God

I will explain this title at the end of the post!

Tuesday night I had two crazy dreams! So last night I called my sister who has a "dream dictionary" and we looked up what in the world could these mean.

Dream 1: I was trapped in my parents bedroom with and a boy that is in my class this semester and he began to attack me. All the sudden a friend of mine from college shows up and makes the guy stop attacking me. However, we are still trapped in my parents bedroom. So the attack boy sleeps on the bed and I am sleeping on the floor with my friend. I am against the wall with my friend between me and the attack boy. My friend has recently gotten married so I remember thinking how inappropriate it was to be lying there with him, it was not intimate at all, but I felt so much safer that way.

Meaning: From what we could find the fact that I was trapped means that I feel that I am trapped in my inner turmoil. I am fighting between the old and the new, which is why I had the old friend and the new guy from class. There are a lot of changes going on in my life so it could be school or work but probably it is personal stuff since it was in my home and not the office. I am obviously afraid of the new, thus the attack, but I also know that the old is not right, which is why I remember thinking how inappropriate it was.

Dream 2: I am in the hospital being pushed in a wheel chair. I have no idea what is wrong with me or why I am there but the nurse keeps talking about my slow heart rate as a baby. I get so frustrated with her that I jump up and begin yelling that she has no idea what she is talking about cause I am not a baby and I need help now. When I jump up I begin bleeding out of my stomach. I sit back down when I realize this however she begins again to talk about my heart rate when I was born so I jump up to yell again. I begin bleeding more and then pass out.

Meaning: Anytime you dream about your heart you are facing a hardship that is emotionally draining for you. I could also feel like I am being questioned and need to stand up for myself. The nurse symbolizes that I am craving someone to take care of me. Also, my sister is a nurse! So as the nurse, or person of authority, was trying to comfort and take care of me I did not want to listen to her give advice on my heart, or emotional problem, to I began to argue. Which caused me more pain instead of listening because I ended up bleeding out.

Crazy isn't it!!

As I talked with my beautiful Sissy last night she told me that the craziest dream she ever had was right after she got married. She was struggling with a new home, job, city, and being a new wife. So she dreamed that she went to heaven and was hanging out with God. They weren't really talking just spending time together and eating Lime Sherbert! I asked her why Lime Sherbert and she thinks maybe it's Gods favorite because she went to His house and He had it! haha!

So here's hoping that maybe my next dream will be more peaceful and I can go have Lime Sherbert with God.

What do ya'll think? Do the meanings match my dreams? If ya'll have any weird ones that you want to know what they mean then send them to me and I would be happy to look them up for you!

Sorry the post was so long!

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  1. I have been having some interesting dreams as well this week, not sure the meaning! Ahh!