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Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Try This Again!

How excited is everyone about being back at work? I know I am not looking forward to this week, it is just going to feel like forever.

I got to spend a lot of time with the Bunny this weekend. Every year Ingram Hill plays a "Thanksgiving Bash" out in Tunica. So Bunny and I decided to go Wednesday night. Only to find when we got there that unlike the last three years the concert was not the night before Thanksgiving but the night after. So we turned around and drove the 45 mins back to Memphis.

We weren't going to miss them so we went back Friday night. And it was totally worth it! I love Ingram Hill, and not just because they are Memphis boys! I think that they should be way bigger than they are.

They just released a new CD. And here is my favorite song off of it!
Us at the Concert

Bunny got a bunny watch in her happy meal on our way. She sported it the whole night.

Ingram Hill
Isn't he a doll!

Happy full work week! ha!


  1. sounds like you had fun!! =) Hopefully your week doesn't drag on and on =)

  2. LOOOOOVE Ingram Hill! Hey Girl is one of my faves of their songs...love seeing them in concert, too! Glad you enjoyed it!