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Monday, November 8, 2010

True Blue Weekend

Happy Monday! I am going into this week with the hopes that it will be amazing, fingers crossed!

Friday night Bunny and I ran in our last 5K before the St. Jude Half Marathon. It was the True Blue 5K. It was freezing cold since it was 7 at night. But it was so exciting! They had the band playing and the clock tower rang the fight song the whole time as we ran through the campus! It was such a fun run! Plus it didn't hurt that Bunny and I had a sweet surprise at the race.

We finished the race by running through the Tiger head that the players run through at football games. We also managed to finish with a pretty good time of 29:08 minutes!

Now we only have four weeks until St. Jude!! And we are so ready!!


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Hope you are settling in well with your new office! Have a nice week my friend!!

  2. That sounds like SUCH A COOL RACE!! Of course I would love it even more if it were Jayhawk related, hehehe ;-) Way to go with a great time! You're so lucky that you have a great friend to share this with as well!