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Monday, August 15, 2011

For the Boys

I began to think today about Disney movies and started to worry about which ones I need to get for my sweet Nephew, Ben. No he is not here yet but I like to be prepared ... and I might be a little bit excited. After all we only have 7 and a half weeks left!

I was worried because I just feel like all Disney movies are all about princesses and targeted towards girls. However, I came up with a few that are boy movies.

1. Robin Hood

2. Aladin

3. Lion King

4. Peter Pan

5. Cars

Any of ya'll that have boys or nephews have any other suggestions? I feel like I need to start buying some since they put the movies in the "vault" and you can never find them or you pay a fortune for them on ebay!!


  1. The Fox and the Hound! That's my all time FAV Disney movie.

  2. - 101 Dalmatians
    - The Jungle Book (my fav)
    - Winnie the Pooh
    - Bambi (although it might make you and him cry)
    - Finding Nemo
    - Toy Story
    - Lady and the tramp
    - Tarzan

    You will spend quite some money, these are a must-have :)