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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work Workout

I have been looking around at different fitness guides and came across an article about what you can do during the day, at work, to burn a few extra calories.

Of course it mentioned things like a quick set of push up or sit up before and after lunch break. Drinking tons of water was on there, which I already do. They also recommended standing at your desk whenever your on the phone so that your just not sitting all day. However, there was one suggestion that I thought was the most realistic and it actually burns the most calories, replace your desk chair with an exercise ball!

The article says to start with only 30 mins and then add 30 mins everyday. It's a lot harder than you would think so you don't want to over do it the first time. Using the ball you are improving your posture, since their is no back to it, and your are contsantly keeping your core engaged since you are having to constantly move to stay balanced on it. All the movement helps you to burn extra calories, if you weight 120 pounds you will burn 112 calories an hour!

Has anyone tried this and is it worth it?

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