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Monday, August 1, 2011

You Can Take the Boy out of Mckenzie

But ... you can't take the Mckenzie out of the boy!
(Daddy at Sissy's shower a few weeks ago)
My Daddy was born in Bruce MS and raise in Mackenzie TN. He strongly believes that duck tape can fix anything and mercurochrome can heal anything. If you have no idea what mercurochrome is don't worry it is this nasty bright orange liquid that my Daddy put on any scrap we had growing up. Most people have never heard of it and a few years ago it was outlawed due to the fact that you could possibly get mercury poisoning from it, haha!
Even though my Daddy grew up in the sticks he did go to College at Union University in Jackson, where he met my Momma. We have lived in the big city of Memphis for 25 years but he still is a redneck at heart.
Case in point ...
lately he has decided that he does not like the squirrels around our house because they are knocking over his bird feeder. So what is his solution? Thats easy he is going to shoot them! Our house is not in the country we live in a subdivision. Keeping that in mind Daddy has been using a BB Gun instead of a real gun, he is so cautious! Tonight he got home from work at the hospital in his shirt and tie grabbed the gun, since there were a few squirrels right outside in shot distance, and began to shot at them. It was quiet a sight, haha!
My Daddy everyone!! As much as I would like to apologize to all of our neighbors I wouldn't change him for the world!

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