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Friday, July 16, 2010

I Am Such A Slacker!!!

Hi blog friends! Do you remember me? I have been the worst blogger ever lately. If you have read my latest blogs you know that I swamped.

But I did make sure to have some needed girl time last night. After work Shelby, Stigler and myself went downtown to eat at Blue Fin and then to the Orpheum to see their latest summer movie, Sabrina.

We had a blast I love working with these girls!! Only thing missing was our fourth work bestie Candice. We laughed the majority of the night and talked a ton. I love the Orpheum and old movies, Sabrina was the Audrey Hepburn version, so its fun that Shelby likes those things too. Stigler is not as much into them but she said she had a good time even though we made her wear a dress. But it is a rule of mine no jeans are allowed at the Orpheum even if we are just seeing a movie.

How many of ya'll are looking forward to a relaxing Saturday?!

Me too!!

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