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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isn't Summer Suppose To Be . . .


Here is what the perfect summer looks like.

But sadly I have been swamped!! And this year we weren't able to go to our wonderful beach house in Destin (insert really depressed sad face here)!!

Things will begin to slow down in about the next three weeks just in time for summer to start wrapping up. Oh well I do love the fall! Crispy leaves, cooler weather (come on I live in Memphis we don't have cold weather until January), football season, and of course the holidays!! I am looking forward the next season.

We have been having non stop raining here so its been very cloudy. And with the rain, even though it is hot rain, it makes me cold so I have been sporting my rainboots and light jackets this week, which has put me in the mood for fall!

Is anyone else looking forward to summer being over?


  1. I am ready for fall, but I'm not really ready for summer to be over if that makes any sense. I feel like this summer has flown by and I didn't really get to enjoy it like I should have!

  2. I am dying for a vacation!! I was looking up trips to Jamaica and Cancun. I need out of Memphis!

  3. I am SOOO ready for fall! The weather has been pretty nasty here in Arkansas too, (lots of rain and humidity), so I'm ready for some cool weather!

  4. Laura!
    Found your blog and just wanted to say hey :)