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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh The Lies!

So I am completely addicted to this new show, Pretty Little Liars. Has anyone watched it or am I the only one who loves teeny-bopper shows? Last nights show was amazing!!

If you haven't seen this show yet you must! It has everything you could ever want. It has tons of love stories that are of course complicated by high school. A mysterious bad boy and his step sister, who was more than a step sister for a while. And to make it a little edgier a it throws in a dead best friend that might have been more trouble than the four girls ever dreamed. There are secrets upon secrets that they don't even know about each other and the biggest secret of all . . . what happened the night their friend was killed!! (insert dramatic music here)

So I am such a dork and I put off everything I have to do on Tuesday nights so I can watch this show. haha! I recommend it to anyone who has nothing important going on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

On a side note.

I love Wednesdays! It means that we are officially half way through the week. A little less for me since I will be taking off Friday to go to Kentucky and visit some family.

Today is even little more special because it's my Daddy's Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you!

Hope you all have a wonderful half way through the week day!!


  1. I want to watch it, but I keep forgetting to! I already missed a lot, so I might just wait until it's out in DVD!

  2. I hope there is a marathon on while I'm recovering. I've only heard great things!

  3. Just found your blog on Top 2 Tuesday! Love it so far, and I saw this post and knew I had to comment! LOVE this show, and I hate to admit it (being 22 and all) but it's my guilty pleasure! Noticed that you're from Memphis! I'm from Oxford, MS...about to move to Jackson, MS! Nice to see someone from my area :) We're in Memphis all the time! Can't wait to keep reading.

    Rachel @ Simple Little Joys