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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi Blog Friends!! I am going to attempt to be much better this week, keyword is attempt.

This weekend was full but so wonderful!! Friday night I did some volunteer hours at The ABA Center in Bartlett. It is a learning/developmental place for kids with Autism.

Saturday I had lunch with Savannah who was in town from Nashville. She is crazy but I have adored her since we were in elementary school. She is the friend that will always make you laugh the whole time your together. I again worked at The ABA Center that night. I was so amazed at the wide range of autism. There were some kids who were so smart when it came to their school work but they were completely non verbal and had to use a computer called a "talker" to communicate. Then there was a little boy who was three years old and had behavioral issues but could read an entire book to you.

I enjoyed my time with those kids so much that I will probably be seeing them again soon!

Saturday night I was exhausted from the day so I spent the night reading and finishing Take 4. If you have ever read any of my blogs then you know that I love Karen Kingsbury's books especially the Baxter family books. This is her spin off series from the Baxters. It was wonderful.

Sunday I started Emily Giffin's newest book Heart of the Matter. I am a little scared that this is going to be a little bit more sad than her previous books but we will see. Has anyone read it yet? Is it any good?

Sunday I also realized that my laptop was not turning on so I have taken it to the repair store. I am hoping that they can save it!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday!!

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