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Monday, October 4, 2010

Personal Best

This weekend felt amazing!! Fall was finally here but will it stay? Who knows. By the end of the week we will be back in the mid 80s. :(

Friday night I got to bed early since I knew that Saturday was going to be busy. I woke up and went to work the Boys and Girls Club kids fair for the the Junior League. I was there for three hours. It was bright and sunny but not too hot. I was definitely exhausted when I left but I needed to get my miles in so I went to the gym and biked 2 miles.

Saturday night the girls and our Mama's had one of our mother/daughter nights. We ate dinner at Chili's and then we were going to go and see You Again but they had switched the times on us! However, they had a special showing of "Life As We Know It". It comes out this weekend and I totally recommend it!!

Sunday was of course church and then a bridal shower for Janet. Her wedding is November 13 so it is coming up soon. Which means that I need to get my dress in to be altered!!! That evening I went for a run, I needed to run 5 miles. I was so happy because my average time per mile was 9.45!!! A Personal Best!! I was running around the ball field so I stayed after to watch a game with Bunny. Hopefully in time for the St. Jude Half I will be running a 9 min mile!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


  1. I totally want to see that movie! Glad you had a nice weekend!!