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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Lost Art ...

There is nothing better than when your beloved does something special for you just because. I am the most cliche hopeless romantic that has ever lived. I want the rose petals scattered everywhere and a knight on a white horse to come riding up and tell me that he has been searching for me all his life. I am sure this makes me come off as high maintenance and I have been told many times that I have too high expectations and I don't really want to be in love I just want to be in love in a movie.

Well maybe all those comments are correct. Maybe I do have high expectations but they are still my expectations and someday the right man will come along and either he will be the type of man that does this type of stuff already or he will love me enough to put in a little effort and try to "woo" me every so often. As I was skimming through the February edition of Allure magazine I ran across the following article about how to write love letters.

P.S. for any guy followers or readers girls would eat this up if you would just give it a try!

1. Take Notes: It's the closely observed details that will make your partner feel adored. Also, the more specific and personal you are, the less likely you are to end up with a page of cliches. Fell free to include a few sensual tidbits (about the scent of his/her skin, for example), but avoid anything too hard core.

2. Use Ink: Get out a good pen and some nice paper; your own handwriting is so much more personal. Plan a first draft on scrap, since cross-outs and spelling errors do not help your cause.

3. Play with the Form: A great love letter doesn't have to fill pages; a heartfelt line or tow on a postcard can be wonderful. Or make a laudry list, a la Elizabeth Barrett Browing, and count the ways you love the person. Quote from writers, such as Anais Nin, Dylan Thomas, or Abelard and Heloise; extra points if you gt inspiration from your partner's favorite author.

4. Write out of the Blue: You can't go wrong with a love letter on Valentine's Day or an anniversary, but never underestimate the romantic power of one sent anytime.

So everyone should go write a love letter to your darlings! I think I might give it a shot myself ;)

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  1. high expectations isn't a problem as long as your partner is aware of them =) My husband has known since day 1 that i am SUPER High maintenance when it comes to attention --I NEED it all. the. time. haha =)