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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wiped Clean

First of all my "wonderful" job has blocked blogger! I have no idea what I am going to do!!! I guess I will have to find a new time to blog other than 8 o'clock?!

Now on to the topic for the day. I need to be laying on the couch in an office right now talking to a man with gray hair, a beard, and glasses. But since that cost more than I make in a year you sweet blog friends get to fill in! Please feel free to grab a notepad and ask "how does that make you feel?" when you think its appropriate. haha!

No seriously I feel like I am so healthy right now. I have officially wiped out my past as if it never happened. There are no remnants of it, well as much as I can control. This is sad at points since there are some sweet memories but as I have now completely closed the door to my past and I stand on the door step of my possible future I feel like I can breath easy, and enjoy the view before me ;)

I was told about a book written by Martha Williamson. She was the writer of Touched by an Angel and has just put out a new book called "Inviting God to Your Wedding". I have only skimmed some online passages from it but I loved it. She talked about how you need to present yourself to your husband as an emotional virgin. Don't go getting excited here I'm NOT engaged but I thought it made a lot of sense. You can't go into one relationship with the past still in your mind. One example she gave was to not let the new boy call you by the nick name the old one did. That brings up strong memories tied to the previous relationship.

Maybe its my OCDness or the fact that I am just a women but when a chapter closes I always need to feel like I "learned" something from it. Even if what I learned was hey that guy was a jerk! haha! But just because you learned something does not mean that you need to carry all that baggage with you. Everyone has a past but don't throw your past on someone who wasn't part of it. Just release what was and be ready to move on and readily accept the blessings God is giving you or preparing for you.

So my precious readers as I stand, well type, before you I am feeling quite free!! And my goodness it's amazing!

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  1. Hmm... I think I'm gonna have to buy it! I'm having trouble separating the two.