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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pinch Pinch

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!

I hope you are all wearing green. In my office without wearing green is dangerous. Everyone seems to be on a pinching mission. Luckily I am wearing my green today so I'm safe!

I know I complained a little in my post yesterday afternoon about being slightly overwhelmed but today I am already feeling better. I had an amazing bible study last night. I love when God speaks directly to you and it just hits you in the face.

The lesson this week was all about relationships and how to model ours like those that Christ had. It starts with His relationship with the world then down to His relationship with the 72 which is our relations with our church. It narrows down to God's relationship with the 12 which should be a close group of friends that disciple you. After that you have the relationship with 3, God always pulled out Peter, James and John to go a little further with Him to places, this is where you have total transparency with these friends they go a little further with you to see your at times when no one else does. Of course the last is 1 your relationship of total intimacy with Christ, where its just you and Him settling issues!

I am so blessed to have all these relationships! I have probably about 12 friends that disciple me and I have 4 friends that always go a little further with me!

But I am most blessed to know that I have a total and complete intimate relationship with Christ! I know when He is calling me to come to Him by myself without my support group and get down on my face to settle some issues with Him. At times it can be uncomfortable to have to come face to face with things we have tried to hide or sweep under the mat but what a blessing after you have dealt with for God to tell you to get up and move on!!

Didn't mean to give you all a Sunday School lesson this morning but it just really helped me feel refreshed!

I do have some new pictures of my Niece or Nephew!! Gosh I can't wait only 10 more weeks until we really know what sweet Pumpkin is going to be!!

9 weeks

10 weeks

I am going to spoil this Little thing ... just like any good Aunt would do ;)

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