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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party Time

My adorable little Katey, Bobby's youngest sister, is having some much needed surgery tomorrow. She has some back issues so they are going to due a little cosmetic surgery to help her.
Since she will have nothing that will fit her anymore we decided to throw her a shirt party after work yesterday.

This cake is beautiful right? However, it was a pain to get. I have had issues with this bakery before. When I ordered Bobby's going away cake it was 4 hours later that I requested it! But it looked so good and tasted so good that I wanted to give them a shot again.
WRONG!! This time when I went to pick up the cake at 1 they told me that were out of mix, hello you are a bakery! Then when I called about it the second time they told me they were out of powder sugar?! I finally got the cake at 3:45. That is ridiculous! I will never again use them!!

The bakery is called the Busy Bakery it is located in Bartlett TN. If you need a bakery do NOT use this one!

Even though there was cake drama all in all the party was a hit!

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