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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big Birthday!

My birthday is still aways off, it's September 3rd. I am lucky enough to almost share my birthday with my BFF! Bunny's birthday is September 1st.

This year I want to do something big, after all I will be turning 25 and that makes me a quarter of a century! I think that is worth something big!

Since we had such a rough time coming home from the cruise we are getting some money back that we can use against another trip! The 1st falls on a Wednesday and the 3rd is a Friday with Labor Day that following Monday. Since we will already have Monday off I think we should take off Friday and go somewhere with our airline money!

Where do I think we should go . . . New York City! Maybe with Sex and the City 2 coming out and the fact that I watch Whitney Port's show The City I am being persuaded? But Candice loves New York and after hearing all her stories about it I want to go. Neither of us have ever been and we travel so well together I think it would be a blast! We both love Broadway shows so to see an actual show on Broadway would be amazing!

The only problem is that Bunny wants to go somewhere beachy. But we always do a cruise trip every year?! I am slowly working on her!!

I mean how do you not want to go and see this?!?!


  1. NY in September would be beautiful! You should totally go and get back on the cruises next year! Do something different for your 25th!

  2. You should totally go to NY! I'd like to go back someday and have a longer visit.