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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Two Tuesday . . . Bucket List

Top 2 Things To Do Before You Die!

I know I have already blogged today but I loved this topic and had to play!!

My dream has always been to swim with the dolphins! But I have now been able to do that twice! And this last trip to the Bahamas I got to swim with the sea lions!

So now my two things would be . . .

1. To take a hot air balloon ride! Someone has promised me that we will do this so I am going to hold him to it!!! (clearing throat!)

2. I want to go on the Amazing Race. I don't watch it all the time but I have some and Bunny and I decided that we could totally do it! We have run a half marathon now so we should be able to do the Amazing Race right?

What would your picks be?

Hop over to Taylor's blog and play along!


  1. I want to swim with dolphins, go on a hot air balloon ride and be on the Amazing Race. We're twins!!

  2. Swimming with dolphins is so much fun! My husband and I were able to do it on our honeymoon and loved it! Ooh the Amazing Race I love that show and wow if you can do it that'd be awesome. Cute blog.