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Friday, August 6, 2010

I Hope I Don't Sink?!

The usual saying is that the Holidays are the busiest time of the year; however, I think this fall is going to be the busiest for me!!

I am more than ready for some college football, hot tea or cider, new fall tv shows, and of course some cooler weather!! But I am not sure I am ready for everything else that I have coming this fall.

The biggest news of all for this fall is that I am going back to school. Yep that's right I am going to get my masters!! I will be going to class every Tuesday and Thursday night. On top of school I will still be working full time. I will still be heavily involved in the Junior League. And I will be training to run in the St. Jude half marathon again.

Whew! I'm exhausted just writing it all out. haha!!

I am starting my training schedule this Monday. The cross training on Mondays I am doing leg weights and step class. For the cross training on Thursdays I am switching between two videos, one is yogalosophy which is the workout Jennifer Anniston does and the bar method which is Kelly Ripas workout.

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Aug 9 CT Rest 1 mi CT 1.5 mi 1 mi 1.5 mi
Aug 16 CT Rest 1.5 mi Rest 1 mi 1 mi 2 mi
Aug 23 CT Rest 1.5 mi CT 2 mi 1.5 mi 2.5 mi
Aug 30 CT Rest 2 mi Rest 2 mi 2 mi 2.5 mi
Sep 6 CT Rest 2.5 mi CT 2 mi 2.5 mi 3 mi
Sep 13 Rest Rest 3 mi Rest 2.5 mi 2 mi 3 mi
Sep 20 Rest Rest 2 mi CT 3 mi 2.5 mi 4 mi
Sep 27 CT Rest 2.5 mi Rest 3 mi 2 mi 5 mi
Oct 4 CT Rest 3 mi CT 4 mi 3 mi 6 mi
Oct 11 CT Rest 3 mi CT 3 mi 3 mi 7 mi
Oct 18 CT Rest 4 mi Rest 4 mi 3 mi 8 mi
Oct 25 Rest Rest 4 mi CT 4 mi 3 mi 9 mi
Nov 1 CT Rest 4 mi Rest 3 mi 3 mi 10 mi
Nov 8 CT Rest 5 mi Rest 4 mi Rest 11 mi
Nov 15 3 mi Rest 4 mi CT 3 mi 3 mi 12 mi
Nov 22 Rest Rest CT CT 3 mi 2.5 mi 5 mi
Nov 29 Rest 20 min 2 mi 20 min Rest Race Day Rest

The last time we ran it we did not train very well, we just kinda ran a couple of times a week, so this time we have a schedule and I am reading these two books to help me. Has anyone read these? Are they helpful?

Hopefully with everything I have going on between now and December I will be able to keep my head above water and not sink!

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  1. I'm impressed, and I'll definitely be rooting for you this Fall. You can do it!!!