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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Can Make It . . .

through this week!!

I am going to be positive this week. It seems like everything is starting back up at the same time. I have my first Junior League meeting of the year tonight. And I start my fall classes tomorrow. So the mentality for this week is "make it through and then have a three day weekend"!! There are no exciting plans for labor day weekend but I think that is what I am excited about the most.

Here is a little funny to start off your week. I saw this commercial while watching football last night and LOVED it! And while we are talking about last nights football how amazing was Mr. Tebow!!


  1. Here's to starting new things this week!! And att least it's a long, holiday weekend!!!

  2. hahah that was hilarious!! love it! and i watched your boy last night...he's so pretty :)

  3. Tebow was great! Despite his interception, he threw his first NFL touchdown pass! I just want to tell all the nay-sayers to hush because he's certainly proving himself to be a capable passer in the NFL!!

    If you can't tell, I love him, too. Haha!

    By the way, I love your blog!