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Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy Friday!!

I am safely back from the library event that I had today! So thank you all for your prayers! haha!

Shelby, a co-worker, and I had such a good time educating people of the benefits they can get from their government assistance. We also talked a lot and just enjoyed spending some time out of the office. It added some much needed fun into my work week.

After we were done at the library we had lunch at this delicious restaurant. I am from the south so I love my sweet ice tea and they have they best!!!

Then we went next door to a place called Shoe Nami. If you are in the Memphis area then you need to stop by! They always have such great deal on really cute shoes!

We also made a pit stop at Target so Shelby could get an outfit for a party she is going to next weekend. The theme is Jersey Shore so she got some really short shorts and a long tank top with a ton of accessories! She is going to look amazing once she finished the outfit off with her make-up.

This was such a relaxing Friday and I am so looking forward to this weekend!!

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  1. What a fun friday! Hope your week is going well!