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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Shoppe Around the Corner

I was in Barnes and Nobel yesterday to order one of my Sissy's Birthday gifts. While I was standing in line I got the over whelming need to watch "You've Got Mail". I like this movie a lot but it's not one that I would just go to. However, every time I am in a bookstore I want to go home a watch that movie. Or When I am watching that movie I want to go browse around in a bookstore. Is this just me?

So I did go home a watch "You've Got Mail" and even thought its no "Sleepless in Seattle" it is very cute. I have mentioned that I love back to school shopping and the way that new school supplies smell. As I was watching the movie Tom Hanks says how he would send Meg Ryan a bouquet of freshly sharpen pencils because he loves fall! How great would it be to get a bouquet of sharpen pencils!!

I am starting back to grad school this semester and I am both extremely excited and nervous to see how well I can handle work and school?! But I do love school. If it paid me instead of me having to pay for it I would probably be a professional student! haha!

On a side note yesterday I got called out on facebook about not blogging about certain people. So here is my shout out to them.

Mark Griffin is the gentleman in the mustard yellow jacket. I am sure this picture has an explanation! haha! But this seems right.

Bobby is the one on the left. Again this picture seems to capture the essence of Bobby. Haha!

They are both pretty awesome guys!

It's almost Friday everyone! And I am so excited because I will have a day out of the office to work and event at the Memphis Library! However, the event is one for ex-cons that want a second chances so if anyone would like to say a prayer for my safety tomorrow that would be much appreciated! :)


  1. You've Got Mail is one of my faves...but its definitely not a Sleepless in Seattle! AND...you are not the only one that feels that way about wanting to read a book when you watch that movie, or vice versa!

  2. Great movie! Prayer for tomorrow, but what a great outreach program.

  3. I agree that movie is the cutest. Total girl chick-flick time, but I love it nonetheless.