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Monday, August 16, 2010

I Could Be Happy In Denver

This weekend was very relaxed and I soaked in every minute of it!

Friday night Bunny and I went running since we are in full training mode for the Half in December. As we were walking into the gym, it was just to hot to run outside, we notice that the parking lot was pretty empty. Then we realized duh because everyone else has a social life and is not at the gym on a Friday night. We began to fell like losers but Bunny said that we were just dedicated runners in training. I think she can get away with this because she had a date the night before; however, I don't have an excuse.

That's right Bunny had a date Thursday night. I am pretty sure her and this new someone are a little smitten with each other and I am so excited for her!!

Saturday I got to see Savannah and have breakfast with her while she was in town. I always love it when I get to see her!! She cracks me up the whole time. Later that afternoon I had a wedding to attend which was very sweet! The best part was the singer that they had at the reception, he was incredible!

Sunday was Church and then more running but I made sure that I was done in time to watch my sexy Timmy play in his first preseason game! I had to wait all the way until the fourth quarter for them to put him in! No offense to Brady Quinn but he was not playing well and they should have put Tim in long before!! But I did finally get to see him and watch him make his first NFL touchdown, which he ran in himself!! And thank goodness he had his hair fixed in time for the game!
Oh I would move to Denver for this boy, I could be happy in Denver! haha!

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