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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Better Than The Last

Last night my work bestie, Candice, and I went to see Wicked!It was a first for her and a third for me! If at all possible it was better than last time!
The cast was AMAZING!! They really did a great job. We had dinner first a the Majestic Grille on Main St. here in Memphis. If you have not been you need to go immediately. Here is a little about it off their website:

Originally built in 1913 as the Majestic No. 1, a silent picture house that entertained Memphians for three decades, the restaurant gives diners a glimpse of the heady Hollywood days of ol’

So even while you are eating dinner they have a silent movie playing on a big screen.

We then walked down Main St. to the Orpheum!! I have to take a little break from this post to tell ya'll that I love the Orpheum. It does not matter if I am there to see an old movie during the summer movie series, a ballet with Ballet Memphis or a Broadway show! I just love dressing up and walking into this beautiful building!

Once we got in and found our seats we were ready for the show to begin. I was a little sad at first because the seats weren't in my favorite section, the Grand Tier, but they were wonderful!

After seeing it again I think I might have to actually read the book! Have any of ya'll read it? What about the other two books?

Oh I wish I could see it every night!


  1. I love Majestic!!! So delish! And I saw Wicked last year and it was awesome! Glad y'all had fun!

  2. I had so much fun...love you!!!!!!!

  3. I absolutely love wicked! One of my friends is the understudy to glinda! Love your blog and i`m a new follower!!