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Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Night of Fun!!

This weekend was all about the soon to be Mrs. Sanders!!

Friday night was her bachelorette party! We met and cooked dinner together, yummy yummy chicken alfredo with salads and muddies cupcakes. Then we had a little lingerie shower for her before we surprised her with the activity for the night . . . Strip to Fit!

While there we learned a little strip tease and a pole dance. It was so much fun and there were only a few minor bruises!! haha!!

The last stop of the night was downtown to dance and show off some of her new moves!

Saturday we woke up early and had a shower for her. Which I immediately left to go home and take a long 5 hour nap.

Sunday was of course church and then Bunny and I ran 7 miles on the new Green Line at Shelby Farms. It was so pretty running through the woods and with the leaves falling! I recommend that everyone takes a walk on it!

After our run we left and went to Halloween Express since it is less than a week to Halloween and we don't have costumes yet. We decided to each be a different branch of the military. I'm Navy, Bunny is Army and Sarah will be Air Force.

Here is what mine and Bunny's look like.

Sarah has not gotten her costume yet but we did find some cute ones for her!

What have you decided to be for Halloween?


  1. haha looks like a great party!! and absolutely love the Halloween costumes you posted. Sailors are so in right now!!

    xoxo follow my blog!

  2. Looks like an awesome party! Love the costumes. And I must check out the Greenline!

  3. Sure does look like a fun night! :-) I am thinking I like the sailor!!