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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Color of October

With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness month everything is pink!

I will be running in the Race for the Cure Oct 30th. But if running isn't your thing you can support by getting some funny new shirts.

And for the guys.

They even have them for kids.

And the NFL is showing their support this month! There is nothing funnier than watching these big guys play football in pink gear!!

Which shirt was your favorite?


  1. Love the "grope your wife" tee ;-)

  2. Those shirts are awesome!!! And glad to see the NFL participating.

  3. i love the save a life grope your wife tee. that's too funny! and the kids one. :)

  4. The first one! The first one! Love this post!!

  5. I love all of it!!! NFL...thats great!

  6. Love the "2nd base" and "grope your wife" shirts!!

    I'm glad the NFL is showing support for the cure.

  7. i Love the NFL showing their support.
    And all the T's.
    Seriously, I think I want them all....

  8. Being a new mom, I think I like the kids' tshirt best =)