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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out Of The Stands

Last night at my Bible study our teacher showed us this Youtube.

I am sure we all know Derek Redmond and his performance in the 1992 Olympics. He was favored to win but was injured during the race and quickly fell to the track. However, what we remember the most is that he got up and threw the pain he finished the race.

What was more moving than anything else is that his father ran down from the stands to help carry his son to the finish line. In this video you don't see how his father fought the security guards to get to get to the field. Or how he pushed back he officials who tried to help his son off the track. He was there and was going to go the full distance with his son.

I couldn't help but cry last night as I watched. Things at work have been awful to say the least. We are currently in a position of rebuilding a company but it feels like we are building in out of a hole so that even with the progress we make we and not to level ground yet. The morale of the whole office is just terrible.

With everything going on at work and trying to focus on school too I just feel defeated sometimes. But just like in the video my Heavenly Father is fighting His way down out of the stands to come run the race with me. He picks me up and gives me strength to finish the race with His help.

That helps me to make it through the day when I think that I can't.


  1. Amazing video! Prayers for you!

  2. Love it! I needed this today. And we're gonna make it through work together. I love you!