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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday . . .

Favorite places in your house

1. My closet

I know what you think who actually likes their closet. However I have about 3 of them. One is a walking closet which holds most of my clothes. The second one is a step in closet that stores all my dresses and the last one is my favorite! It is my shoe closet. That's right and I love it!!

However, I would love to have just one gigantic closet that looked like this.

2. My bedroom

I don't have a current picture of it but I would love to redo it a little and have it look something like the picture below. I just think every bedroom should have a chandelier!

What are your Top 2?

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  1. that bedroom is to die for! Im adding that into my inspiration folder :) and I love your shoe rack organizer!

  2. I love your closet!!! I wish I could organize my shoes. And I LOVE that bedroom! So peaceful!

  3. I would love that closet too! Found you on Top 2 Tuesday!