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Monday, February 28, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Honestly I only watched the Red Carpet coverage of the Oscars not that actual show. So I can't tell you who won the awards but I can tell you who I thought looked amazing and who was a little off in my opinion.

I thought Hailee Steinfeld looked so sweet and age appropriate.

Loved Scarlett's dress color but I hated the design.

Mila picked a great color but the dress needed more volume or drama or something. I think her best look this year was the Golden Globes.

Everyone was talking about Gwyenth Paltrow's dress and I didn't like it at all?!

Of course in my eyes Reese can do no wrong and she again did not disappoint!!

I think my best dress pick is Halle Berry. The color was great on her and she had the appropriate amount of drama for the event. Loved it!!

What was your pick for Best Dress?

Pumpkin Update!!!!
Week 8:
My Sissy went for another Ultrasound this morning and everything looks great!! Pumpkin is suppose to be 15 cm but is actually 17 cm, about the size of a Raspberry. This week little fingers and toes are poking out from Pumpkin's hands and feet, eyelids practically cover the eyes, breathing tubes extend from the throat to the branches of developing lungs. Pumpkin is constantly moving and shifting, but Sissy is not able to feel it yet.

Last week I wasn't able to get the Ultrasound uploaded but here it is now!

Week 7

Can you tell that I am that crazy Aunt already and the sweet thing isn't even here yet?!?!


  1. I loved Sandra Bullock's bold red dress =) It was so much better than her outfit of choice for the goldens.

  2. Loved Hailey Steinfeld, loved Mila but agree that she needed a little "oomph" of volume or something, loved Sandy, and loved a few of Anne Hathaway's dresses but she only wore them for maybe 5 minutes each so I can't find pics :)

  3. I couldn't agree more about Hailee... so pretty and so age appropriate!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

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