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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving

This Wednesday I'm Loving ...

1. That I got to hear my future Mother in Law (in my dreams) speak at a women's conference this past weekend!

2. That I got some new running shoes and I am loving them! I'm not sure if that means I am a real live runner now or just such a shoe freak that even running shoes excite me?!

3. That I found my Easter dress! I am a little late this year but my Momma and I went shopping this past Saturday and found the perfect one. This picture is not the best, it is much brighter yellow than its showing up.

4. That last Thursday some sorority sisters and I got together for our first dinner club! We are going to make it a monthly thing.

5. That Kim's wedding is this weekend! I have decided on a hair style. I want the front like this

and the back like this
this is the back of the dress, except the color is Tiger blue of course! So I definitely thought my hair should be up.
What are you loving this Wednesday? Play along at littledaisymay.blogspot.com!


  1. The color of that dress is just lovely!!

  2. New running shoes are the best! :)

  3. LOVE that dress and the hair -- gorgeous! I may steal the style for my sister's wedding in July =)

  4. I love the yellow dress & TEBOW : )

  5. I got to hear Tim Tebow's mom speak once too. She was great! Love the dress for Easter:)

  6. Thanks for playing along!

    Your Easter dress is SO cute!