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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whatcha Doin at Westminster Abbey?

I know a lot of people have gotten tired of all the new about the Royal Wedding but this is just too funny!!

First let me mention that I am still excited about it! I will be up tomorrow morning at 4 to watch the whole thing!!

Here in Memphis we have a radio station call The Q. Every morning they have a segment called "Whatcha Doin at 201". 201 Poplar Ave is where our main jail is located. It is the funniest thing to listen to these ghetto people explain why they are at the jailhouse. So in honor of the Royal Wedding they did a special addition of "What Doin at Westminster Abbey?". If you want to listen to some of the funny responses click here and then search for the Royal Wedding Update.

Silly but fun: In honor of the Royal Wedding on Friday - -we must all have our royal names ready!! Start with either Lord or Lady.Your 1st name is one of your grandmother's names.Your surname is the name of your 1st pet. And you're 'from' the name of the street on which you grew up. Mine is Lady Lucille Poochie from White Oaks. Haha!!

What is your Royal Name?


  1. Natividad Solita from Junaita Circle South.... I just can't get away from a Hispanic sounding name - even my street! lol

  2. You better be glad you didnt bust me ou with my royal name haha!

  3. haha if we do the VERY first pet we had -- I'm Lady Marion Oreo hahaha that makes me happy!

  4. Mine is Lady Shirley Muffy from Pinola. Nice, huh?