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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Songs on your IPOD ...
Well since I am training for the Nashville Half Marathon in 3 1/2 weeks the most played songs are songs that pump me up while I'm running. I looked at my most played list and the top songs were:
1. Eminem I need a doctor

2. Eminem Till I Collapse

I love Eminem and there is nothing better to run to then his songs!
What are your top 2 songs? If any of ya'll have some great running songs I would love for you to share them since I need to update my playlist before the big race day!! If you want to play along with Top 2 Tuesday hop over to Taylor's Blog!


  1. My fav running songs are not necessarily my fav real life songs haha... disclaimer!

    *Hey Baby, Pitbull
    *Wall to Wall, Chris Brown
    *Pretty much any Lady GaGa
    *Blow, Ke$ha (I feel stupid typing that $ :))
    *Teenage Dream, Glee Version

  2. I love both of these!!! Great picks!