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Friday, February 4, 2011

14 Day-Valentine Challenge- Day 6 & SOME GREAT NEWS!!!!

Before we get to the Valentines Day Challenge I have the BEST news ever!!!


My sweet little pumpkin will be here October 7th! I can't wait I am beyond excited!! My Sissy and Brother in law have been working hard at this for about a year so we have been anxiously waiting for this wonderful news! There will be tons of updates the next 8 months!!

Day 6: Gift ideas

I skipped Day 5, which was "What do you do to keep it romantic with your Sweetie", since that didn't really apply to me ... but gifts definitely applies to me!!

The only thing I really really want from Cupid is this

I love hot tea!! It all started about 10 years ago when my family started touring antebellum homes, we love all things southern for us it was all the "pretties" for Daddy it was all about the war. We found one that had a tea room so we ate lunch there. After that my Mom, Sister and I were hooked. We began finding tea rooms all over the place. We have gotten to where we go to the ones that serve a true English Tea not just a luncheon type place. We have tried and tasted many different flavors of hot and ice tea. We love it!! My Sissy found this Hot Tea maker and it is so easy to use plus you can put loose tea leaves in it and not have to worry with putting them in a tea bag. Only problem is I can't find it anywhere or if I can its like $70 for a used one!!! So if you happen to find one please let me know!!

Another gift I would love is this

I have started taking Pure Barre classes and I'm obessed! Its a great workout for toning up. The process is to use a ballet bar, light weights, and small movements to really challenge your body. I swear you will feel it the next day. After 10 classes you should see a total difference in your body. This packet comes with 6 dvds, Pure Barre logo ball, Pure Barre fitness ring and the double tubing. The price isn't bad when you think about what you get, $129.95.

What are you wanting for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Congratulations! Being an Aunt is the best!!

    I've heard wonderful things about the Pure Barre. Hope to try it one day!