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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Downhill From Here

After the wonderful day I had yesterday this week can only go downhill. I mean how can anything top my day yesterday?

Mr. PPS did an amazing job and had me surprised all day! I first got roses delivered right before lunch, and they are beautiful!!

Then when I came back after lunch he had snuck over to my office and left the rest of my Valentine's Day.

There was a card and sour worms. He also bought me the Twilight movie because he could not believe that I love it so much and don't own any of the movies. He put a little twist on it though and made a back cover that said "Laura loves Team Jacob" and then on the inside a list of reasons why I love Jacob. By the way I am NOT team Jacob I am so team Edward!! But Mr. PPS thinks that Jacob is by far the better choice since he never left Bella, he just doesn't get it! The Giving Tree was his favorite book growing up and I mentioned that I had never read it so that was also on my desk.

Beside the amazing job he did on making me feel special my Sissy and Will got to see this sweet thing!!

They also got to hear the heartbeat but when she attempted to record it for me it was too soft to pick anything up. Since they had some trouble getting pregnant she goes every week of her first trimester for an ultrasound so I'm hoping little Pumpkin will be beating a little louder next time!!

After all of that I know the rest of my week is just not going to be able to compare! But I do have my Pumpkin's pictures up and my roses are still on my desk and those will help me through the rest of the week!


  1. awww this is too cute!! love that your man was so thoughtful to you! :)


  2. Ummm....this boy sounds like a keeper!!

  3. awww the Mr. did so well for ya =) don't you just love when they are so good to us?!
    Congrats to your sissy!!

  4. Looks like you have a keeper! :) Those roses are gorgeous!