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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Up and Coming!!

I recently heard some songs from these two new groups and I am completely in love!!

  1. The Band Perry-All Your Life

I love this group!! Of course we have all heard their song "If I Die Young" but this is the newest song from them and I think its amazing!! The Perry siblings began singing as children in Alabama. Kimberly Perry sang in her own band as a teenager with her brothers Neil and Reid working as roadies. At the ages of 8 and 10 years old, the brothers began performing as an opening act, the Mobile Music Machines, for Kimberly. Once the three siblings had united to form The Band Perry, they joined a New Faces of Country tour in 2005. In 2008, The Band Perry was discovered by Garth Brooks manager Bob Doyle, who helped them make recordings. The recordings were sent to Scott Borchetta, head of the newly-established Republic Nashville label. The band signed to Republic Nashville in August 2009.

2. Thompson Square- Kiss Me or Not

This is currently my ringtone since I love it so much! Husband and wife Keifer and Shawna Thompson formed Thompson Square as a duo in 2002 after previously seeking solo careers. Keifer was raised in Miami, Okla., where he listened to classic country, punk rock and heavy metal before gravitating toward singer-songwriters such as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Shawna grew up in Chatom, Ala., a small town near the Mississippi state line, and learned traditional country songs from her guitar-playing father while taking a particular interest in the music of Reba McEntire and Alabama. Keifer and Shawna moved to Nashville within the same week and met at a singing competition a few days later. In 2009, Thompson Square signed with Stoney Creek Records, a sister label of Nashville-based Broken Bow Records. In 2010, they released their first single for the label, "Let's Fight," and followed it up with "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not."

Every summer the country station here in Memphis host a free concerts weekly for about 8 weeks. I am crossing my fingers that they can get these new artists to come and play!!


  1. I LOVE The Band Perry -- their debut cd is amazing! I have it on repeat right now in my car =)

  2. I love both of these!! The Band Perry is simply amazing...their CD is a MUST!!!! The entire thing is awesome!!!