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Friday, February 18, 2011

I Just Want To Dance!!

This was a statement made by one of my co-workers this morning! Let me explain ...

We have a Wii in our break room at the office. The other day our bosses little girls came over and left their Just Dance 2 game in the Wii. Well we discovered it last week and since then several of us have started playing in during lunch.

Candice and I usually go somewhere for lunch, you know like Target. But Wednesday we came back a little early and found out that there were these lunch dance parties. So I took a quick turn and almost immediately became addicted. Yesterday we even planned on staying for the purpose of playing. I think I did 6 or 7 songs in a row! I am officially hooked! Plus after about 4 dances you work up a little sweat. So its not just fun but also a workout on your lunch break.

I know I am so behind and everyone has already heard of this game, obviously since this is the second one out. But I am so excited about playing again sometime next week.

Is anyone else addicted to this game?


  1. I haven't played this one but the hubs got me Dance on Broadway for Christmas where you dance to coregraphed Broadway Show Tunes. It's pretty fun and also a good work out.

  2. Yes, my friends and I meet up about once a week for the sole purpose of Just Dance :)

  3. OK I am further behind than you haha -- this is my first time hearing about it =) sounds fun!